Black Middle Class


The Threat To The Black Middle Class

Black America lacks any engine for economic development and growth, which makes its long-term sustenance dubious. America’s Black Middle Class should understand that America’s other ethnic groups won’t be keeping millions of Black people on subsidies or welfare for another 25 to 10 . . .

Socialism hinders the economic development and growth of Black people in America


Evaluating the association between socialism and Black oppression

There’s a close link between socialism and Black oppression in America. Communism, Marxism, socialism, and progressism are all diametrically opposed to the concept of New Age Capitalism and New Age Corporations. Marxism or communism brings no freedom or ownership while there’s no real indivi . . .

An overview of Desegregation And Integration


Reviewing the difference between desegregation and integration

The Civil Rights Movement in America was geared toward integration of schools, public facilities, White neighborhoods, work environments, and several other all-White enclaves. As this movement gained momentum, a demand arose to make public facilities open to African Americans, which changed into . . .

An Overview of The White Liberal Mentality


Reviewing the reasons why ‘White Liberal Mentality’ of Black Victimization mindset needs to change

The extensive acceptance of the ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ of Black Victimization has done nothing for Black America except destroy them. There are several examples of how the Black people have victimized themselves due to their mindset that puts the bla . . .

Black People In America Can’t Blame “The White Man” For Their Socioeconomic Problem Any More


Reviewing how New Age Thinking can solve Black people problems’ in America

Even though slavery was officially abolished since 1865, many Black people in America are still under slavery's hallucinations and manifestations. The problem becomes more pronounced as White America doesn’t really know what to do with its former slaves while Black Americans have . . .