HOW TO SAVE BLACK AMERICANS FROM THEMSELVES: With New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking

About the Book

HOW TO SAVE BLACK AMERICANS FROM THEMSELVES: With New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking

The Black population has been spending all their money on non-asset producing products as observed by George M. Sistrunk and his partner Otis C. Harrison and see this as one of the reasons of the economic failures of Black Americans. This led to the conceptualization of a practical approach to overturn this socioeconomic condition they experience.

How to Save Black Americans from Themselves is an exposé of Black American’s bad habits in terms of financial management, leadership, political alliances, and philosophical belief systems. It also presents Sistrunk and Harrison’s strategy to treat these adversities, which they call New Age Capitalism, a system which financial resources are pooled to fund an enterprise that is capable of creating a massive improvement on the current condition the Blacks are facing.

To reinforce this idea and to ensure its success, the pair also introduced a way for the people to empower themselves through developing a proper mindset. They call this the New Age Thinking. They realized that one’s own mindset is the greatest obstacle to success and not the predominantly believed ‘racism’ and ‘inequality’. This mindset will allow people to live more productively each day and improve their status that can be passed on to the future generations.

George Sistrunk

About the Author

George M. Sistrunk, a researcher and a data analyst, has been friends with Otis C. Harrison for years. He is also a writer and his background gave him a solid base to write his first economic empowerment concept that has the potential to move millions of African Americans into the 21st century.


New Age Capitalism is the only viable method that can create over 100 New Age Corporations out of the billions of dollars that Black people have been spending on non-asset producing products and/or services over the past 53 years and put the absolute control of the corporation in the hands of Black people.

The billions of dollars Black people are spending do not and will not come from Intelligent Black Society or from Black owned industries. It can be safely said the overwhelming majority of it comes from White America.

The problem in Black society is not a lack of money, it’s massive mismanagement of what money and financial resources we do have, Inept and incompetent leadership, misguided political alliances, unproductive and detrimental philosophical belief systems and a persistent lack of vision.

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