An Overview of The White Liberal Mentality

George Sistrunk August 19, 2019

Reviewing the reasons why ‘White Liberal Mentality’ of Black Victimization mindset needs to change

An Overview of The White Liberal Mentality

The extensive acceptance of the ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ of Black Victimization has done nothing for Black America except destroy them. There are several examples of how the Black people have victimized themselves due to their mindset that puts the blame on the ‘White Liberal Mentality.’ In fact, many Black people use the White Liberal Mentality of Black Victimization as psychological crutches to conceal their collective economic and social failures. The real truth is that it’s their self-defeating mindset, and not the white community, that creates most problems for them. For instance, poverty-ridden single motherhood is a largely low-income and excessively black phenomenon. Another example is the liberals’ attempt of raising the level of minimum wage laws, which has triggered devastating levels of joblessness among the nation’s young blacks.

Why this self-defeating and destructive mindset need to go?

White people aren’t preventing Black Americans from

      • studying and improving themselves intellectually
      • spending billions on consumer goods rather than organizing themselves to capitalize corporations to obtain capital assets on a large scale
      • organizing themselves to maintain high standards in Black schools, neighborhoods, and organizational structures

Additionally, there’s no evidence that White people or other ethnic population speedily rising to power in the US is to blame for whatever debilitating, racially inclined, destructive, self-limiting, counterproductive and negative attitudes that exist at present in America’s Black population. This proves further why blaming White Liberal Mentality in 21st century for Black Victimization isn’t true. If the Black people really want to usher in a new era of economic empowerment and development, they need to discard this ‘White Liberal Paradigm’ of Black Victimology.



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