Socialism hinders the economic development and growth of Black people in America

George Sistrunk September 2, 2019

Evaluating the association between socialism and Black oppression

Socialism hinders the economic development and growth of Black people in America

There’s a close link between socialism and Black oppression in America. Communism, Marxism, socialism, and progressism are all diametrically opposed to the concept of New Age Capitalism and New Age Corporations. Marxism or communism brings no freedom or ownership while there’s no real individual freedom in progressism or socialism. At their core, all these are political, economic, religious, and social systems in which the state or a privileged group owns and controls everything. In a communist state, there’s no such reality as a private enterprise, while one will find just limited free enterprise in a progressive or socialist state. Those wondering how socialism obstructs or counteracts the economic development and growth of Black people in America should know that the keyword in socialism (and in Marxism, communism, and progressism as well) is control – by the socialist (and Marxist, communist, and progressives), and/ or the leaders as well as their supporters. What this means is that Black Americans’ socialism would mean the Black people would never have any legitimate redress and will be brainwashed daily until they actually start believing the steady stream of half-truths, lies, suppressed truths, and the propaganda they are fed by the mass media or the MSM (Mainstream Media).

Why the link between Socialism and Black people in America needs to be broken?

For ordinary Black people in America, there’s no wealth in socialism, communism, or progressism as they are all for the leaders and sponsors. What tragic is that ordinary hardworking people are demoted to basic survival, while the socialist leaders and sponsors live a luxurious life. If the Black Americans truly want to change their dismal situation and usher in economic development and growth, they need to break free from the concept of socialism that has failed miserably in improving their situation.


Call to action:

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