Why The Future Of Black Communities In America Is Doomed?


Reviewing why the present Black leadership hasn’t helped Black Americans significantly

Despite Black leadership holding prominent positions from time to time, they didn’t help Black Communities in America much as they were mostly preoccupied with their political and social plans. Even during the regime of the Obama Administration (from 2008), the Black . . .

How The Myth Of Black Capitalism Can Be Destroyed By New Age Capitalism, Corporations & Thinking


Reviewing New Age Capitalism vs. Black Capitalism

At its origin, Black Capitalism is no less or more than other Black welfare programs based on subsidies given by the government and/or minority set-asides for business enterprises owned by the Black. In the true sense, Black Capitalism is a pipe dream and a myth because it lacks any genuine infrastructure to . . .

Why Racism And White Privilege Are Not Black America’s Problems


Reviewing Black American discrimination

Racism can be defined as group- and individual-level structures and processes that are associated with triggering of racial inequality. White privilege is usually referred to as systemic and legal advantages given to White people, which is believed to encourage racism. For example, if White business owners avoided hir . . .

Why Black Americans in the 21st century need New Age Thinking


Evaluating the concept of New Age Thinking

Black Americans in 21st century are locked into a debilitating, self-defeating, sel-destructive, and unproductive mindset, which is difficult, if not impossible, to remove without New Age Thinking. If Black people truly want to experience real and legal Economic Empowerment, they must overcome their restrictive and . . .

New Age Corporations - Designed To Meet Black Americans’ Economic Empowerment Needs


Evaluating why New Age Corporations for Black Americans are needed

New Age Corporations mandated by New Age Capitalism is believed to bring true Economic Salvation For Black Americans. For understanding how New Age Corporations for Black Americans can help in their Economic Empowerment, it’s important to know the problems plaguing these people.

. . .